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A Natural Way to Deal with Irregular Menstruation

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A Natural Way to Deal with Irregular Menstruation

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A Natural Way to Deal with Irregular Menstruation

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Santa Barbara Herb Clinic’s COVID-19 Safety Protocol and Additional Information

The safety of our staff and patients is top priority as we fully reopen our clinic on June 25th, 2020. Here are the new safety protocols implemented at the Clinic, pertinent to COVID-19:

  • Staggering and limiting the number of patients seen on a daily basis. Additional time will be added to each treatment to decrease the number of people in the clinic at any given time
  • All herbal consultations will continue as tele-health video chat to limit the amount of patients in our clinic.
  • When scheduling and/or having acupuncture appointment confirmed, patients will be asked if there have been any recent or current symptoms of illness such as a cough or fever. We ask that patients experiencing fever and/or COVID symptoms do not come in and late cancellation fee will be waived. Virtual herbal consultations are available for them.
  • Patients over 65 years old or those who have pre-existing health conditions are advised to schedule appointment times in the morning or beginning of the day. Times have been blocked out for them accordingly.
  • Patients will be asked to arrive at their appointment time with a mask and to wear it as much as is practical during their visit.
  • There will be a check-in area at the front desk counter. Each patient’s temperature will be taken and a COVID-19 survey will be given. Hand sanitizer will be available and patients will be asked to sanitize or wash their hands on arrival.
  • When possible, we will put patients directly into the room where their treatment will be done. If not possible, patients will be able to wait in their cars until their treatment is ready to begin. Seating in the lobby room will be situated at least 6 feet apart, so any patients who choose to wait in the waiting area will be able to be socially distanced.
  • Only a patient with an appointment is allowed in the treatment room. No additional visitors or children.
  • Practitioners and staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment at all times. This includes KN95 mask, face shield, lab coat, and gloves.
  • Enhanced disinfection procedures along with frequent wipe downs of counter tops and other points of contact will be maintained. We only use hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Pens and payment processing pad at front desk will be sanitized between every use.

We understand the experience at the Clinic will be a bit different than it used to be (at least for a period of time), we are confident that these protocols will allow us to safely and effectively provide treatment and care for our patients.

We are now ready to book all returning and new patients, so please call us at 805-563-0222. The Clinic will open from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday.

Thank you again for your continued support throughout this uncertain time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Acupuncture Needles: Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Them

acupuncture needles
Photo by Antonika Chanel/


Many people may find acupuncture needles to be somewhat intimidating or maybe even terrifying. After all, for those who are not familiar with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), these kinds of treatments may seem outlandish. However, there is actually nothing to fear from these needles, and you’ll find out why.



What acupuncture needles are for

To understand the function of the needles used in acupuncture, you first need to familiarize yourself with the principles of TCM. According to the principles of TCM, good health results from the balance in the life force that flows through each individual, called qi (pronounced “chee”). Qi flows along markers called meridians. When the flow of qi is disrupted, or is blocked in certain meridians, ill health can occur.


There are a number of ways that a TCM practitioner can help a patient restore the normal flow and balance of their qi. One of these ways is acupuncture, a practice that’s thousands of years old. Acupuncture entails the use of needles, which a practitioner inserts into the acupuncture points related to the patient’s symptoms. The needles are meant to correct the flow of qi by stimulating the right combination of acupuncture points.


Photo via Pixabay


Are the needles safe?

Generally, yes. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds acupuncture needles to the same standards that it holds medical equipment like syringes and surgical tools like scalpels.


Acupuncture practitioners should sterilize their needles and use them only once on a single patient. There is very low risk of infection, but you have to make sure that you go to a licensed acupuncturist with a good reputation. There are probably unlicensed acupuncturists that sterilize their needles and use them only once, but you can never really be sure. Licensed acupuncturists, at least, are bound by safety standards. They ensure that their needles are clean and disposed right after use.


It’s important to be discerning about the acupuncturist you choose. Research has found that acupuncture and the needles themselves are generally safe. However, the side effects related to the treatment seem to have something to do with the lack of hygiene and care by the acupuncturist. Even so, side effects are rare, and often occur accidentally or due to careless or unskilled practitioners.


Tram Pham, a Licensed Acupuncturist, owns and operates the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic. You can expect safe and effective treatment in her hands. She has a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine from Yo San University in Los Angeles, and she also has years of experience that have helped her hone her skills and techniques.


If you’re unsure about acupuncture and would like to learn more about TCM, you can schedule a consultation with Tram and get a feel of acupuncture as a practice. However, before you make an appointment for acupuncture, make sure to consult with your doctor first. You should also bring your medical records to the clinic so Tram can figure out the best way to help you.



What to expect

Your first acupuncture session may yield some surprises, but there are some things that you can expect to happen. The acupuncturist will likely ask you to lie on your back, stomach, or side, depending on which acupuncture points need stimulation. The needles generally don’t hurt or prick like other needles, but you may feel a stinging or tingling sensation when your acupuncturist inserts the needles into your skin. You can have anywhere between 5 to 20 needles in one session.


It’s also possible that you’ll feel some numbness in the insertion sites. You may also feel a sensation of heaviness after the session, but these are normal. Even so, try to communicate the things you feel or experience to your Licensed Acupuncturist. This way, in the off chance that something has gone wrong, your acupuncturist can fix it right then and there.


Once the acupuncturist has inserted the needles into your skin, you can expect them to stay there for 5 to 30 minutes. However, just one session is also usually not enough to address symptoms. You may need to come back for several more sessions until the treatment is over.


acupuncture in Santa Barbara


Acupuncture at the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic

Acupuncture needles are nothing to fear as long as they’re in the right hands. At the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic, they are. The clinic has been around since 1986. It was founded by Dr. Jean Yu, and grew for many years under the lat Dr. Han’s care. In 2016, ownership passed to Tram, and she has been continuing the clinic’s good work ever since.


You can get in touch with us and book an appointment by calling us at 805-563-0222. You can also email us at Our clinic is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm. For your convenience, you can also have a consultation with Tram over the phone or via video call. Contact us today to learn more about acupuncture by experiencing it yourself!




Santa Barbara Herb Clinic in the News!

Santa Barbara Herb Clinic-012

Since reopening on May 1st, the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic has undergone some major changes, resulting in major success! Patients past and new, young and old, acupuncture-adventurists and needle-newbies alike have been flocking to the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic to be treated by our new owner and lead acupuncturist and herbalist, Tram Pham.

The Clinic saw a big boost when reopening thanks to media coverage by KEYT, online publications by NoozHawk and sharing on social media. After the tragic loss of former owner of the clinic, Dr. Henry Han, it has been refreshing to see the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic’s name being shared across the town in a more positive light.

Santa Barbara Herb Clinic-003
The famous Buddha statue at the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic – dedicated to the late Dr. Henry Han and his family.

KEYT reporter Alys Martinez stopped by the clinic on the opening day to celebrate the grand re-opening and cover the event for the six o’clock news. Along with interviewing Tram, she also got an exclusive tour of the clinic, including the granular herb lab and Tram’s zen-like office.

Alys also received a mini acupuncture treatment, getting needles placed on points in her scalp and hand to help with pain in one of her toes. She described the sensation of getting the needles as painless, and like a stream of energy was flowing through. Tram specializes in pain management and women’s health, but has been treating a wide variety of ailments during her time at the clinic, and she hopes to continue expanding and sharing her knowledge with others.


We have seen a big response from past patients of the clinic and encourage any past patients with questions or wanting to schedule an appointment to give us a call.

We are operating a full herbal pharmacy, just as the Clinic had before, with both granular and bulk herbs available for custom herbal remedies, as well as over-the-counter patents, which anyone is welcome to stop by and purchase at the clinic.

Our address is 3760 State Street, Suite 102. We are located on the corner of Hitchcock and State Street, across from Whole Foods and behind Chase Bank.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us during the first few months of being back in business! We have met with and helped so many wonderful people so far and hope to continue sharing our knowledge of Chinese Medicine with the Santa Barbara and surrounding communities.


Santa Barbara Herb Clinic Set to Reopen Under Leadership of Acupuncturist Tram Pham


Santa Barbara Herb Clinic Set to Reopen Under Leadership of Acupuncturist Tram Pham


SANTA BARBARA, CA — The Administrators of the Estates of Dr. Henry Han and his wife, Jennie (Huijie) Yu, are pleased to jointly announce they have reached agreement with Ms. Tram Pham to permanently take over and resume the full operations of the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic. The Clinic will reopen on May 1st at a new location, 3760 State Street, Suite 102 in Santa Barbara.


The Santa Barbara Herb Clinic carries a far-reaching reputation in the fields of herbal medicine and acupuncture thanks to the cutting edge integrated “East meets West” philosophy and management of the late Dr. Han and his wife.


The Administrators carefully searched for a licensed and properly qualified person to carry on the work of Dr. Han in Santa Barbara in a way that would do honor to his legacy. They believe they have found that person in Tram Pham who relocated from Los Angeles to put down roots in Santa Barbara.


Ms. Pham, an accomplished licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with broad experience across a range of clinical settings, has been selected by the Administrators as the right person to carry forward the work of the Clinic.


Ms. Pham studied biological sciences and global studies at UCSB before obtaining her Master’s from the renowned Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles. She has built her reputation and her experience with:

  • Administering pain management treatment at the prestigious Los Angeles Children’s Hospital;
  • Providing care for HIV patients at Being Alive Clinic in West Hollywood;
  • Treating the underserved community at Venice Family Clinic;
  • Volunteering at low-income pagodas in Vietnam; and,
  • Helping professional athletes to recover from and prevent injuries at a sports medicine institute in Santa Monica.


Outside of the clinical setting, she discreetly treated a boutique book of Hollywood patients before moving to Santa Barbara to put down roots and carry on the renowned Santa Barbara Herb Clinic.


After treating some of Dr. Han’s former patients, Ms. Pham was informed that the Han estates were looking for a qualified Acupuncturist to reopen the Clinic. She was encouraged to reach out to the Estate Administrators to see if there was a fit. The Administrators have carefully reviewed her qualifications and listened to her ambitious plans for the practice, and believe she will maintain the sterling reputation of the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic and continue innovating in the field of Chinese medicine.


Ms. Tram Pham said, “I am truly humbled by the opportunity to lead the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic and serve Santa Barbara’s all-natural, holistic health care needs. My passion is healing others, and in Santa Barbara there is no better setting to do so. I recognize this is a great responsibility, and I consider it an honor to follow in the footsteps of a pioneering healer like Dr. Han as he was truly a leading light in the field. I will dedicate myself to continuing his impactful work. I look forward to meeting Dr. Han’s past patients and developing a quick rapport with each.”


Ms. Pham will re-open the Clinic with Dr. Han’s full and extensive pharmacy of Chinese herbs – one of the largest in the country – and will draw on Dr. Han’s revolutionary herbal formulas. Patient files have been formally transferred to Ms. Pham consistent with state and federal confidentiality rules, to ensure a smooth resumption of Clinic operations.


New and returning patients are encouraged to check and the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic’s official Facebook page for updates. They are also encouraged to call 805-563-0222 or email to book appointments or get further information.