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Teas, Powders, and Pill Prescriptions - Custom Prepared for Each Patient by Tram

We stock hundreds of medicinal herbs in our Pharmacy at the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic. When appropriate, we'll prescribe teas, powders, or pills to accompany acupuncture treatments and improve results. We custom blend the prescriptions in our Pharmacy and can have them ready to pick-up or mail them out, whichever is more convenient for our patients. We even offer the option of brewing the teas for busy patients, for a small fee.

Raw Herbs



Effectiveness of Herbs

As the negative side effects of lab created prescriptions are coming to light, people are searching for a natural way of healing. Chinese pharmacopeia has been around for thousands of years with significant documentation of results generated from thousands of tested herbs. Tram has studied intensively for many years and can lean on a network of established doctors skilled and experienced in prescribing herbs for challenging cases. Whatever you are facing, we will strive to come up with the best natural treatment plan to improve your health.

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