Our History

The Santa Barbara Herb Clinic is proud to serve the Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and All Natural Healing needs of the Santa Barbara community and beyond.

    • 1986 - 1991:
      Dr. Jean Yu

    • Dr. Jean Yu is the original founder of the Clinic, having launched it in 1986. Dr. Yu built the practice up before selling it to Dr. Henry Han in 1991. Dr. Yu went on to start another practice in San Luis Obispo, helping thousands of patients before retiring in 2016.

    • 1991 - 2016:
      Dr. Henry Han

    • Dr. Han rose to national acclaim within the Alternative Medicine community while running the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic for 25 years. He built relationships with hospitals, has been credited with saving the lives of cancer sufferers, and many stories are told of his hard work, researching long into the night to develop new strategies to help patients find comfort.

      His life was sadly and abruptly taken away in March of 2016, and the Clinic was temporarily closed while a search was conducted to find a new practitioner to run the practice.

    • 2017 - 2021:
      Tram Pham, LAc

    • Vietnamese practitioner Tram Pham re-opened the Clinic on May 1, 2017 in a little over a year after the passing of Dr. Han and relocated it to its current space at 3760 State St, Suite 102.

      Tram quickly reestablished the Clinic as a leading Traditional Chinese Medicine practice in Santa Barbara, while shifting the focus towards "Balance Method" acupuncture treatments. In her four years of running the Clinic, one notable achievement was she successfully induced over 100 expecting mothers!

      Tram sold the Clinic to Dr. Mariko Horie in October of 2021 with an eye towards spending more time with her family and a plan to move abroad to immerse themselves in global cultures.

    • 2021 - Present:
      Dr. Mariko Horie, LAc., DAOM

    • Dr. Horie assumed leadership of the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic in October 2021. She brings an extensive herbal background, and comes up with the best possible herbal formula for patients, providing personalized holistic care.

      By administering traditional Chinese medicine modalities, Dr. Horie helps patients by restoring vitality, bringing balance, and preventing future health problems. Dr. Horie is committed to providing her patients with a customized treatment plan that looks into each patient’s unique needs and condition.

      Dr. Horie believes that Chinese medicine carries wisdom worth thousands of years, working effectively on many conditions that modern medicine has difficulty treating.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the health and lives of others through sharing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a thousands of years old discipline. Our primary focuses are Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. We believe in treating the whole body, helping it to heal itself. We also offer wisdom on nutrition and lifestyle advice, as they are key inputs to holistic health.

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