Our Fee Schedule

Initial appointments take 60-90 minutes. Call us with any questions.

*Note: Cost of herbs are separate and will be added to your visit.

Typical Appointment Cost

Acupuncture Treatment

First Acupuncture Appointment
60 - 90 Minutes
Each Acupuncture Treatment Thereafter
60 Minutes
$ 110

  • 5-10 minute symptom analysis and diagnosis.
  • Additional therapies (See Therapies page) added, as necessary per Acupuncturist's diagnosis.
  • Aromatherapy (optional, no fee)
  • Herbal remedies, if prescribed, will be additional fee

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Herbal Consultations

First Herbal Consultation
30 Minutes
$ 100
Each Herbal Consultation Thereafter
15-30 Minutes
$ 75

  • Custom blended herbal prescriptions from over 500 herbs.
  • Organic herbs used, at no extra cost to patient, when available.
  • Strict herb quality standards
  • Prescriptions available in bulk herb, powder, or pill format; ask if you have a preference or problem.
  • Herbs can be conveniently brewed into tea for busy patients if requested, for $30 fee.
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