Santa Barbara Herb Clinic Set to Reopen Under Leadership of Acupuncturist Tram Pham


Santa Barbara Herb Clinic Set to Reopen Under Leadership of Acupuncturist Tram Pham


SANTA BARBARA, CA — The Administrators of the Estates of Dr. Henry Han and his wife, Jennie (Huijie) Yu, are pleased to jointly announce they have reached agreement with Ms. Tram Pham to permanently take over and resume the full operations of the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic. The Clinic will reopen on May 1st at a new location, 3760 State Street, Suite 102 in Santa Barbara.


The Santa Barbara Herb Clinic carries a far-reaching reputation in the fields of herbal medicine and acupuncture thanks to the cutting edge integrated “East meets West” philosophy and management of the late Dr. Han and his wife.


The Administrators carefully searched for a licensed and properly qualified person to carry on the work of Dr. Han in Santa Barbara in a way that would do honor to his legacy. They believe they have found that person in Tram Pham who relocated from Los Angeles to put down roots in Santa Barbara.


Ms. Pham, an accomplished licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with broad experience across a range of clinical settings, has been selected by the Administrators as the right person to carry forward the work of the Clinic.


Ms. Pham studied biological sciences and global studies at UCSB before obtaining her Master’s from the renowned Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles. She has built her reputation and her experience with:

  • Administering pain management treatment at the prestigious Los Angeles Children’s Hospital;
  • Providing care for HIV patients at Being Alive Clinic in West Hollywood;
  • Treating the underserved community at Venice Family Clinic;
  • Volunteering at low-income pagodas in Vietnam; and,
  • Helping professional athletes to recover from and prevent injuries at a sports medicine institute in Santa Monica.


Outside of the clinical setting, she discreetly treated a boutique book of Hollywood patients before moving to Santa Barbara to put down roots and carry on the renowned Santa Barbara Herb Clinic.


After treating some of Dr. Han’s former patients, Ms. Pham was informed that the Han estates were looking for a qualified Acupuncturist to reopen the Clinic. She was encouraged to reach out to the Estate Administrators to see if there was a fit. The Administrators have carefully reviewed her qualifications and listened to her ambitious plans for the practice, and believe she will maintain the sterling reputation of the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic and continue innovating in the field of Chinese medicine.


Ms. Tram Pham said, “I am truly humbled by the opportunity to lead the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic and serve Santa Barbara’s all-natural, holistic health care needs. My passion is healing others, and in Santa Barbara there is no better setting to do so. I recognize this is a great responsibility, and I consider it an honor to follow in the footsteps of a pioneering healer like Dr. Han as he was truly a leading light in the field. I will dedicate myself to continuing his impactful work. I look forward to meeting Dr. Han’s past patients and developing a quick rapport with each.”


Ms. Pham will re-open the Clinic with Dr. Han’s full and extensive pharmacy of Chinese herbs – one of the largest in the country – and will draw on Dr. Han’s revolutionary herbal formulas. Patient files have been formally transferred to Ms. Pham consistent with state and federal confidentiality rules, to ensure a smooth resumption of Clinic operations.


New and returning patients are encouraged to check and the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic’s official Facebook page for updates. They are also encouraged to call 805-563-0222 or email to book appointments or get further information.