Acupuncture for Regulating Bowel Movement: Studies, Treatment and Benefits

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The condition of stool and bowel movement show tell-tale signs on the overall health of the body. Diarrhea happens when stool passes through the large intestine at a faster than normal rate. If it passes too slowly, constipation is a primary concern. Bowel incontinence would be the main issue if a person has a problem regulating bowel movement. Other abnormalities in bowel movement might be signs of digestive problems.


Statistics show that 15%, or 63 million, of the U.S. population suffer from chronic constipation. When it comes to diarrhea, there are 179 million cases affected from this disorder in the U.S. each year. Digestive problems are prevalent due to several lifestyle factors such as diet, related diseases, and level of physical activity. Most of these are preventable with the right treatment, proper diet, and healthy lifestyle changes.



Studies on Acupuncture Treating Digestive Disorders

Researchers have confirmed that acupuncture, together with a moxibustion treatment, significantly reduced diarrhea, abdominal pain, and the ratio of abnormal stools. In a study conducted on patients with irritable bowel syndrome, the total effective rate was 65% as the patients experienced complete recovery with no relapses. This study, together with the analysis published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, support the idea that acupuncture can be implemented in the primary healthcare treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.


Other studies show positive results in treating digestive disorders with acupuncture. The Mayo Clinic confirms that researchers have found acupuncture to help improve symptoms for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Several small studies also suggest that acupuncture provides significant relief from chronic pain, relax muscle spasms, and improve bowel function.


Researchers from the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine also confirm that acupuncture can provide relief from constipation. Another study also found that acupuncture combined with prescribed herbal medicine can relieve constipation in the elderly. Acupuncture, together with herbs, produced a higher total effective rate with very low relapses when it comes to this digestive problem.


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Regulating Bowel Movement With Acupuncture

There are certain acupuncture points that can help in bringing back balance to your gastrointestinal motility. Treatments would be done to either stimulate peristalsis or relax a spastic colon. Acupuncture helps with regulating bowel movement, reduce or eliminate pain, and help calm emotions that are associated with digestive disorders.


Traditional Chinese Medicine has a holistic approach in assessing and treating digestive disorders. For example, when someone has a dry stool and it’s difficult to pass, long-term treatment can help make the digestive system less dry and herbs will be provided to moisten the intestines. When a patient has diarrhea, acupuncture will calm the large intestine and herbs can also help detoxify the body. As for patients experiencing chronic, watery but painless diarrhea, acupuncture will strengthen the digestive system and herbs will help improve digestion.


Acupuncture, as a natural healing modality, can complement a healthy diet and some lifestyle modifications. Bowel movements will positively improve with better eating habits. A licensed acupuncturist will discuss these changes or improvements in diet that will best suit your health concerns.


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