Pediatric Mental Health: The Benefits of Acupuncture

pediatric mental health
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For parents, it could come as a devastating shock to learn that mental illnesses can also develop in children. Thus, pediatric mental health is a serious matter. However, if we look back to when we ourselves were at that age, the reality could become clearer. There’s a good chance we too had gone through the same emotional and mental difficulties. These difficulties may include low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and anger. In fact, it’s fair to speculate that some, if not most, adults with mental health issues might be able to trace the roots of their condition back to their childhood.


It is no easy matter to address, but address it we must. Because if ever there’s a time when mental illness might possibly be reversed, it is during the person’s early years when they are still undergoing rapid and fluid transitions and their course through life, health, and happiness could be more readily adjusted for the better.



Do children and acupuncture mix?

Some of you might be thinking that the first question that needs answering is “How can you get children to agree to an acupuncture treatment?” and you’ll be correct. Most older children would need little encouragement, especially after trying it out once and feeling little to none of the pain they might be expecting. Most younger children, on the other hand, have a deep-seated fear of needles. In order to convince them that acupuncture needles are vastly different from those of syringes, they might need to see needle insertion being done to their parents or guardians and to be given reassurance that it doesn’t hurt and could barely be felt at all.


That doesn’t even have to be a white lie. Acupuncture in Santa Barbara Herb Clinic uses thinner and sharper Japanese acupuncture needles that enter the skin’s surface with far less resistance and with even lesser sensation. These premium needles are highly ideal for use in children, and they come at no extra cost. Because children’s acupuncture is one of the clinic’s specialties, we make it a point to only use this type of needle for all our patients in order to create an acupuncture experience that they would not only benefit from but also highly enjoy in the moment.



How can acupuncture improve pediatric mental health?

One example is when Tram Pham, our licensed acupuncturist, uses ear seeds for children experiencing anxiety. These are like stickers that she places on pressure points in the ear. The ear seeds have bumps on them and they stay on for several days. Children can press these bumps to release a pressure point that helps them feel calmer. Tram also prescribes custom herbs for patients who are seeking emotional balance so that they can continue the healing process between acupuncture treatments.


It may also come as another surprise that once children get over their apprehensions, acupuncture treatments can and do become pleasant and something they’d look forward to. As mentioned before, growing children are still highly adaptable both emotionally and mentally. And while this is good news in terms of the desired outcomes for traditional Chinese medicine modalities, this is also the main reason they’d need to get treatment like acupuncture in the first place. Growth hormones, along with the pressures of their environments, could throw the healthy and roaring flow of life energy in their bodies out of order. This can manifest as illnesses of the mind, spirit, and sometimes the body.


Acupuncture for children seeks to correct these imbalances. One of the ways that this can happen is through promoting the production of “happy hormones” like endorphins in the brain. This and acupuncture’s other holistic effects can induce relaxation. It can also ease tensions and anxieties, lift mood, and calm anger, among many other things. The welcome benefits might also be observed quicker in children than in adults, and this is also owing to their more open and adaptable nature.




About acupuncture in Santa Barbara Herb Clinic

Our clinic’s owner and lead practitioner, Tram Pham, L.Ac., is both a mother and a medical practitioner. Tram thus strongly advocates the promotion of pediatric mental health and children’s wellness.


She studied the distal healing technique called the Balance Method under its late pioneer and Master, Dr. Richard Tan. She also took over the ownership and practice of Santa Barbara Herb Clinic from the late and renowned Dr. Henry Han.


To help adults and children alike attain their optimum health, she combines traditional Chinese healing modalities like fire cupping, tui na or acupressure, moxibustion, and herbal treatments with a highly effective acupuncture system. You can set an appointment for yourself or your child and visit us at the clinic. You can also opt for a remote consultation via phone or video call.


The clinic’s Herbal Pharmacy houses powerful and therapeutic herbs, teas, pills, and formulations. These can also serve to improve pediatric mental health and other conditions. We can mail herbal remedies straight to your door whether you live in the Goleta and Santa Barbara area or farther away.






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