Acupuncture and How It Could Help Deal with Puberty


Acupuncture and teens’ reproductive health

Acupuncture and reproductive health often go hand in hand when talking about women’s health. However, did you know reproductive health is also an important factor for young girls? According to statistical data, the age at which females today have their first menstruation is progressively getting younger. In fact, some girls reportedly get their periods as young as seven or eight. This is largely attributed to the kind of nutrition that children today are getting, which is heavier on fat than in previous decades. Consequently, their bodies not only grow faster physically but also to mature more quickly internally.


However, this does not automatically mean that their minds are also prepared for such transformations. Rapid changes to their body can lead to fear and confusion. These changes can also lead to anger, depression, and body-image disorders in the worst case. For girls, there’s also the issue of dealing with the symptoms that usually come with puberty. These symptoms include acne, PMS, cramps, and other stressors.  



Can acupuncture help children with puberty?

Yes, it can. Acupuncture could prove especially helpful with children’s issues. It seeks to bring back balance to all the systems in the body that adolescence can throw out of order. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the root of many ailments is blockages in the body’s “meridians.” These are energy pathways that every person has running throughout the body. Specific ailments arise when blockages form in specific “points.”


These points and meridians have corresponding terms in Western medicine. They are part of a system of healing that is incredibly complete and comprehensive because it has been in practice for several thousand years. Fortunately, younger people have repeatedly shown themselves to be more responsive to treatments like acupuncture. This is mostly because their energy has not yet “set in.” It is still malleable like clay, and whatever issue may be present is easier to correct.


It is also not just the physical ails that come with puberty (like growing pains and acne) which acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine’s modalities seek to treat. The first thing that many patients remark on after receiving acupuncture is how much more relaxed they feel and how lighter and brighter their mood has become. Acupuncture triggers the release of “happy hormones” in the brain, contributing greatly to a patient’s emotional and mental wellbeing. This is greatly invaluable for adolescents who already have a cocktail of issues they have to deal with socially and interpersonally—without puberty making things even more difficult.


acupuncture in Santa Barbara


About acupuncture in Santa Barbara Herb Clinic

The clinic’s owner and lead acupuncture practitioner is Ms. Tram Pham, L.Ac., and she takes pride in having women’s and children’s health as two of her major specialties. She took over the clinic from the renowned Dr. Henry Han who has passed in tragic circumstances and had studied under the late Dr. Richard Tan, who was Master and pioneer of the Balance Method of distal acupuncture. She combines all the knowledge and techniques under her belt with the vision and values that Santa Barbara Herb Clinic is known for in order to serve each and every patient in the manner they most need.


For instance, we can reassure needle-phobic children that they won’t feel much pain, if any at all, during treatments. This is because the clinic utilizes premium Japanese acupuncture needles that are sterile, longer, and thinner. Patients will feel little sensation from these needles, and in most cases for children, the needles won’t need to stay in for long.


Please give the clinic a call if you’d like to set an appointment. If you live outside the Goleta or Santa Barbara area, you may also have the option of getting a consultation via video or phone call. We can also prescribe herbal remedies prescribed from the clinic’s Herbal Pharmacy and mail them right to your doorstep.






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