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A Natural Way to Deal with Irregular Menstruation

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A Natural Way to Deal with Irregular Menstruation

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A Natural Way to Deal with Irregular Menstruation

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Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies: An All-Natural Treatment

seasonal allergies
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Traditional use of acupuncture for seasonal allergies

“Preventive medicine” has been making a buzz in recent decades and more and more people are taking heed, but traditional Chinese medical practices have been revolving around this concept of “treating an illness before it manifests” for thousands of years. In relation to helping combat seasonal allergies, ancient practitioners have this to say: that the best time to treat illnesses of the summer is during winter, and the best time to treat illnesses of the winter is during summer.


Contaminants in the air are the main culprits that cause seasonal allergies. Allergies appear because the body considers these contaminants harmful, though others may not consider the contaminants as such. Prime among these would be pollen during spring and autumn. These seasonal allergies severely affect nearly 30 million Americans. Millions more affected to a milder but still cumbersome degree. The symptoms they have to battle through include allergic rhinitis; itchy nose, eyes, and palate; watery eyes and nose; and difficulty breathing, among others. A large amount of money each year goes to the purchase of medicine and treatments, but most of these only deal with the symptoms.


Acupuncture seeks to deal with the underlying reason that the body is susceptible to allergens. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chronic allergic reactions represent the body’s reduced ability to adjust to changes in its environment precipitated by the often-abrupt turning of the seasons. It believes, then, that the best way to strengthen the body against these unavoidable environmental changes is to do it when the need for that strength is still far off. In other words, months before the triggering seasons roll in.



Recent research about acupuncture for seasonal allergies

A recent study about acupuncture’s effectiveness for helping manage seasonal allergies produced some very interesting results. The 422 participants who have this condition were divided into three groups. One group received 12 acupuncture treatments plus antihistamine medication when necessary. Another group received 12 “sham” acupuncture treatments wherein needles were also inserted, but over points that had no real relevance to their condition. The group also received antihistamine medication when necessary. The third group, meanwhile, served as controls and only took antihistamine medication.


Two months after receiving the treatments, all groups were asked about how their symptoms have improved (if they did) and how much antihistamine medication they had to take. Those who had undergone actual acupuncture treatments reported a need for fewer antihistamines. Their symptoms were considerably less severe compared to the other groups. However, even the group that received the “sham” treatment reported fewer symptoms and less medication taken. This suggests that there may have been a placebo effect contributing to the improvement.


More research on this matter is necessary. This result may mean that untargeted acupuncture can also have a positive effect when it comes to improving conditions, not just seasonal allergies.



How acupuncture for seasonal allergies works

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As stated before, the best way traditional Chinese medicine could help with seasonal allergies is by taking the preventive approach. This often means that acupuncture wouldn’t be the only modality involved; the acupuncturist might also prescribe herbal remedies as well as suggest changes in diet. During an acupuncture treatment, the main objective would be to restore the balance of energy within the body that may be contributing to a weakened immunity against allergens. Ideally, this would simultaneously address not only the symptoms of seasonal allergies but also the possible underlying causes.


But even when the allergy is already underway, acupuncture could still offer considerable measures of relief by helping ease inflammation and reduce stress, which may be contributing to the condition. Acupuncture would induce the release of chemicals in the body, including natural painkillers and mood boosters.



About acupuncture in Santa Barbara Herb Clinic

acupuncture in Santa Barbara


Here at the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic, we believe in preventive care and wellness. We also believe in tailoring traditional Chinese medicine’s modalities to suit each individual patient’s condition. This way, we can help them in the best way possible.


The clinic’s owner and lead acupuncturist, Tram Pham, L.Ac., is a proponent of the Balance Method of distal healing, which she learned under its Master and pioneer, the late Dr. Richard Tan. This system of acupuncture focuses heavily on holistic healing, which means it doesn’t just seek to treat the main ailment, but also its root cause. Tram is also an herbalist and operates the clinic’s Herbal Pharmacy. Our Pharmacy boasts an extensive stock of medicinal powders, teas, pills, and herbs.


Contact us to set a consultation appointment, which Tram can also conduct through a phone or video call. We also offer the service of sending prescribed herbal remedies through mail if you live far from the Santa Barbara area.




Acupuncture for Digestive Health: Treatment Methods and Health Benefits

acupuncture for digestive health
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Acupuncture works in a way that it doesn’t just treat a specific symptom, but it holistically heals an individual. For example, if you have a problem in your stomach, practitioners also take other organ systems into consideration. As a result, there’s an overall balance that can lead to a full treatment of the disorder. Acupuncture for digestive health can help boost your metabolism, regulate digestion, increase gastrointestinal muscle contraction, reduce acid secretion, and promote overall relaxation.


Contemporary scientists have extensively studied the effects of acupuncture on gastrointestinal function, yet more work is necessary to make research data more reliable. However, there are pilot studies which show that acupuncture  for digestive health is effective in a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders. These include gallstone disease, postoperative ileus, Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcer disease, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and vomiting.



How Acupuncture for Digestive Health Can Help

So how does acupuncture actually help treat digestive disorders and promote better health? Here are some studies that support the idea of getting acupuncture for specific digestive issues:



A study published by NCBI in 2010 confirmed that acupuncture can inhibit intra-esophageal acid and bile reflux in patients who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Acupuncture balances stomach acid levels, and also regulates the function of the small and large intestines.



Acupuncture treatments help with proper digestion so that the body can break down food easily without bloating or accumulation of gas.



This is treated by stimulating the digestive system through inserting needles on specific body points. Patients may just need one treatment alone, or regular treatments for chronic cases.



Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to this health concern as the accumulation of dampness or cold in the digestive system. An acupuncture session can clear, warm and strengthen the digestive tract. This will consequently alleviate symptoms of diarrhea.


Ulcerative colitis

Acupuncture can provide relief from ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases. A 2006 study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states acupuncture and moxibustion have been extensively used in China to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. Now, acupuncture is increasingly practiced in Western countries.



Every acupuncture treatment for diverticulitis would be slightly different for every individual. The treatment session would involve clearing the heat from inflammation and healing the digestive tract.



Long-term digestive problems lead to the acid erosion of the stomach lining. A combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs can decrease the accumulation of stomach acid. It can also bring back balance in digestion, and promote healing for the digestive system.


Maybe you’ve tried various pharmaceutical treatments and drugs for digestive problems, but they haven’t completely solved your concerns. You can try undergoing acupuncture that promote natural and holistic healing for your body. As with other treatment methods, consult with your doctor first. This can determine whether or not taking an acupuncture treatment for digestion is the best way for you to address your illness.


acupuncture in Santa Barbara


What To Expect in an Acupuncture Session

You’ll feel a slight tingling or numbness in the base where the needles are inserted on your body. The size of the needles is almost as small as hair strands. Thus, you’ll barely feel anything while lying down and letting the needles sit on your skin. Minor health concerns would usually just need one treatment session. However, chronic cases might need regular treatments, usually once or twice a week. After treatments, most patients feel relaxed and well. This is because the stimulation from the needles induces the secretion of endorphins (the “feel good” hormones).



Book a Session with a Licensed Acupuncturist for your Digestive Health

Santa Barbara Herb Clinic offers a wide variety of natural healing specialties, including acupuncture for digestive health. Our licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner will interview you and give a thorough assessment of your symptoms. You will get a customized treatment plan that you can take in our clinic if you’re in the Santa Barbara or Goleta area. A prescription of herbs and recommendations on diet and lifestyle will also be provided. We also offer phone and video consultations, plus shipping of herbal prescriptions wherever you are in the world.







Acupuncture for Insomnia: Regulating and Inducing Sleep


Achieving maximum wellness sometimes boils down to three things: proper nutrition, regular physical activity, and effective rest. There are times, however, when factors get in the way of our achieving these things. In particular, insomnia and the inability to get effective rest at the end of a long day are chief concerns for many. However, acupuncture for insomnia can help you finally get some much-needed shut-eye.


There are many causes of poor sleep or insomnia in today’s society. This includes but is not limited to constant and high levels of stress, chronic pain, or another ailment wherein sleeplessness is simply a byproduct. Meanwhile, we should never discount the hazards of not getting enough restful sleep. Among other things, it could lead to heightened aggression, anxiety, increased weight, weakened immune function, higher risk of blood pressure, and difficulty concentrating. In turn, this could lead to reduced decision-making capabilities, poorer job performance, and even life-threatening situations.


A growing number of people are not embracing acupuncture for insomnia as a non-pharmaceutical solution to sleep problems. Other than that, it can also be an alternative option to improve overall well-being. There’s actually little conscious choice involved in the matter. Because practitioners intend for traditional Chinese medicine to work holistically, it doesn’t work on a piecemeal basis.


acupuncture for insomnia
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Medications vs acupuncture for insomnia

As with many things involving Western medical practices, sleep medications only work to address the symptom of sleeplessness itself. They do nothing to address the underlying causes. This means that if the medications stop, the symptoms return, often with a vengeance. The only other choice with this option is to continually take the medications for as long as they’re needed. However, this more often than not might mean taking sleep medications for life. Doing so presents other, even more dangerous risks, including addiction and damage to internal organs.


There is a growing body of research on the use of acupuncture for various issues. These studies have found exceedingly few dangers to the millennia-old healing modality—certainly not the dangers presented in the alternative above. Instead, people would often find themselves going in for a series of treatments for a specific condition. Afterward, they come out of them feeling better than anticipated, simply because the other issues they’ve long ignored have also benefited from the experience.



How acupuncture can help regulate sleep

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Different people experience insomnia or other sleep issues in a way that’s specific to them. In broad terms, this may include the following:


  • General difficulty falling asleep
  • Multiple sleep disturbances during the night
  • Inability to fall back into sleep after a disturbance
  • Unrestful and/or nightmare-plagued sleep


To address these diverse sleep problems, the acupuncturist would do a consultation and give a diagnosis, after which she or he would tailor acupuncture techniques along with other traditional Chinese healing modalities, all to suit the specific needs of the patient.


We should take into account that it would likely take more than a single session for lasting effects to be felt. This is because practitioners consider acupuncture for insomnia, or for any other issue, to be a corrective procedure. It might take several sessions before the body could recognize its rehabilitation into its proper, healthy and well-functioning state.


Specifically, acupuncture can help regulate and improve sleep by directly targeting the possible root of the issue, not just the symptom. The owner and main acupuncture practitioner in Santa Barbara Herb Clinic is Ms. Tram Pham, L.Ac. Having studied under the late Master Dr. Richard Tan, she employs the acupuncture system known as the Balance Method, blended with other traditional Chinese medicine practices, to accomplish desired outcomes.


Learn more about how acupuncture can help maintain your overall health and wellness.



How acupuncture works

The acupuncturist would zero in on distal points in the body’s energy pathways that, while not immediately obvious, have links to the possible problem areas. Stimulating these points could simultaneously trigger the body’s response to threat and facilitate the start of healing for the real, underlying issue. Acupuncture can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, for instance. Meanwhile, it can induce the release of serotonin, which the body converts into melatonin to achieve sleep. The more of this neurotransmitter the body has, the better the quality of sleep at night.


That’s not all serotonin is good for. It could also help regulate mood, which means that acupuncture’s effects could also be felt during daylight by promoting the body’s relaxation and the mind’s calmness. By targeting a possible root cause of insomnia like chronic pain, acupuncture could also stabilize the flow of energy within the body; by getting it to achieve proper balance, it could start functioning as it should, releasing natural painkillers and eventually starting the process of self-healing. This is a cycle deeply rooted in the Chinese concept of yin and yang.



About acupuncture in Santa Barbara Herb Clinic

Licensed acupuncturists insert long, thin needles into the energy points in the skin to achieve results for this condition and for others. If that sounds alarming, worry not. Acupuncture for insomnia at the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic involve premium Japanese needles that are thinner and sharper. This means that there’s typically minimal pain even with regular acupuncture needles. However, for sensitive patients, especially children, these one-off use needles offer reduced sensation. Their use comes at no extra cost.


The clinic also operates an Herbal Pharmacy with a range of medicinal powders, teas, herbs, and pills that may be prescribed in conjunction with the main acupuncture treatment, as well as the clinic’s other therapeutic services offered, including tui na, fire cupping, and moxibustion. Even if you live outside Santa Barbara, you can benefit from the clinic’s services by setting a consultation through video or phone call. We could also mail your prescribed herbal remedies wherever you live in the country.






Acupuncture for Preventive Health Care and Wellness


Acupuncture might be known to treat minor to chronic health issues. However, did you know that it’s also effective for preventive health care? Traditional Chinese Medicine upholds the concept that besides curing diseases, it is crucial to prevent them. If you show symptoms of a disease or would like to prevent them from happening, acupuncture can help treat symptoms and fine tune your body to its optimum health. It can definitely help you perform to your utmost best as it has long-term benefits for your mind, body and spirit.


Photo by Antonika Chanel/


How Does Acupuncture Help in Preventive Health Care

Acupuncture involves inserting needles at specific body points to treat the root cause of health issues, remove blocks in the energy flow, and promote a healthy balance in the body. It can strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and induce endorphins; which make patients feel healthier and happier after every treatment session.


Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture as a maintenance treatment to tune up the body. Studies in Japan also show that the procedure can help prevent common illnesses such as colds, nausea and many others.


Acupuncture balances the different organ systems in the body so that it can boost your immune system and prevent diseases from happening. A licensed acupuncturist can also assess and address early onset symptoms such as sleep disturbances, headaches, mood changes, digestive problems and others to prevent them from worsening or developing into serious medical conditions.



Acupuncture for Preventive Care and Wellness

acupuncture in Santa Barbara


An acupuncturist will assess your symptoms and create a customized treatment plan that suits your health needs. The treatment plan, together with a prescription of herbs and lifestyle modifications can improve your overall well-being.


For those conscious with their health, they take acupuncture to prevent symptoms from worsening. Regular treatment sessions keep their health in check, and complementing it with a healthy diet and exercise ensure that illnesses are kept at bay.


Some people undergo acupuncture even if they don’t have diseases. They take it because it makes them feel good and relaxed after every session. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is better to keep your mind and body healthy for as long as possible, as it can also save troubles and costs that come with having a disease.


See acupuncture as something that doesn’t just treat one symptom or health issue, but it addresses the entire system of your body. It promotes holistic health and wellness that supports your being as a whole. With its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits, you’ll find that the treatment to be truly helpful in preventive health care and wellness.



Acupuncture Effects

You might feel a slight tingling sensation or numbness when the needles are inserted on specific points of your body. These sensations are brief, and while the needles are in your skin, you’ll barely feel them at all. The side effects of acupuncture are slim to none. It is a low risk treatment that Western medical doctors also see as safe and effective. You can choose acupuncture as an alternative treatment to avoid the side effects that come with synthetic medication. As with all healing modalities, consult your primary care doctor first before taking any other treatment for your health concerns.



Book an Appointment Now for Preventive Care and Wellness

Santa Barbara Herb Clinic offers holistic healing treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture for preventive health care. Your session with our licensed acupuncturist will include a complete assessment and customized treatment specifically catered to your health concerns. We also conduct phone and video consultations. If you are around the Santa Barbara or Goleta area, you can come by our clinic as shown on this map. We also ship herbal prescriptions locally and abroad. Book a session now to achieve optimum health and wellness.






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Acupuncture for Children: Studies, Treatment and Health Benefits


According to a peer review study by Jindal, Ge and Mansky in 2008, there is some efficacy and low risk associated with acupuncture for pediatric health cases. Also, parents are resorting to acupuncture for children due to its natural, holistic, low risk and effective results. Moreover, a National Health Statistics report in 2007 stated that there were around 150,000 children in the USA that underwent acupuncture treatment for a variety of health concerns.


acupuncture for children
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The thing about acupuncture is that it might take some convincing for children to go along with the treatment. There are also acupuncturists who don’t need to make the child stay still in order to perform the treatment. This is because most of the time, the needles will just be inserted in and out quickly. Thus, there can be a quick relief of symptoms experienced by the child.


If the child has anxiety around needles, he or she can go for acupressure. This is because acupressure doesn’t have needling and would only require pressing certain acupuncture points in the body. Also, some acupuncturists can even teach children how to do acupressure on themselves. Parents can also learn for themselves in order to help their children.


One-third of the pediatric pain centers in the USA now offer acupuncture for children as part of their healthcare services. More and more pediatricians are recognizing the value of acupuncture as a valid and helpful treatment option.


Here are just a few of the health issues that acupuncture for children can address:




Is Acupuncture for Children Safe?

acupuncture in Santa Barbara


Dr. Sunita Vohra from the University of Alberta states that pediatric acupuncture is safe under the trained hands of licensed acupuncturists. Similarly, results from peer-reviewed studies show that most adverse effects of acupuncture are only about 11% of cases, and most of it are mild. Another study also showed that the adverse effect occurring from acupuncture therapy is the same as taking penicillin. However, it is advised that acupuncture treatment should be delayed if the child has overeaten, experienced weakness, or is over fatigued.


Acupuncture treatments are also relatively pain-free. Because acupuncture needles are as thin as hair strands, they can be barely felt at all. Treatments done on children also doesn’t need intense needling, as the needles can just be inserted in and out quickly. Thus, the most that children will experience after an acupuncture treatment is numbness, dull ache, or a slight tingling sensation around the base of the needle. There are instances that a child may cry during the treatment, but the sensation will go away quickly.


The acupuncturist may give a little massage to the parts that the needles were inserted to lessen the numbing. As a result, young patients can experience relief of symptoms after one or two treatments of acupuncture therapy.


Establishing a friendly and calm environment before children go through with acupuncture treatments is important. Practitioners, with the assistance of the children’s parents, have to reduce the anxiety of children before acupuncture sessions. The use of toys, puppets or pictures can also help relax kids. Some children also have an increased acceptance of acupuncture when they try acupressure first.



Take the Next Step By Consulting with a Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a natural, safe and effective treatment for children, and it has holistic health benefits that your child can experience for a long time. Book an appointment now with our licensed acupuncturist to get a consultation and treatment which are specific to your child’s health concerns. If you’re in the Santa Barbara or Goleta area, come by our clinic to start your journey towards holistic health.


Our acupuncturist, Tram Pham L.Ac, also conducts phone and video consultations for those who can’t come to our clinic. We also ship herbal prescriptions from our in-house pharmacy to wherever you are in the world.





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Acupuncture for Fatigue: Boosting Mental and Physical Energy


In this day and age, having healthy energy levels is crucial for us to accomplish our work and duties all throughout the day. With all the hustle and bustle, stressors, and other environmental factors, it’s easy to become tired, fatigued, or lethargic. Our lifestyle habits also contribute to our energy level – whether we have that needed boost during the day or if we easily get tired without having to do anything much. Fortunately, acupuncture for fatigue can help you keep both your physical and mental energy up.


acupuncture for fatigue
Photo Source: Austin Schmid, Unsplash


We need to take care of our health so that we can have the mental and physical capabilities to perform our tasks, duties, goals and dreams in life. If you easily feel tired, experience chronic fatigue, or just can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of your health issue, try acupuncture as a natural healing method that can treat the root cause of the problem and increase your energy.



How Acupuncture for Fatigue Can Help You

Here’s how you can achieve wellness and increase energy through Acupuncture:


  • 1. Acupuncture works on unblocking the energy flow in your body. The treatment involves inserting needles on your body’s specific points in order to treat various systems and holistically bring balance to your health.
  • 2. Your acupuncturist may treat you for stress, and at the same time address your low energy level. Stress and low energy go hand in hand, and acupuncture can treat them simultaneously.
  • 3. Your acupuncture session will also involve balancing your body’s energies. The needles will be stimulating specific body points, called meridians, to increase your energy levels.
  • 4. Your therapist will also promote the increase of Chi (life force energy) in your body, as this helps you become more vibrant and active.
  • 5. Acupuncture for fatigue can also increase blood flow or circulation in your body, which induces the blood to transport oxygen and nutrients to your body’s various organ systems. As a result, it provides you with more energy and stamina.


With the rebalancing of energy levels and organ functioning, your mind feels calmer, and your body would feel more energetic and vibrant. Your overall well-being gets a boost after every session. Acupuncture treats a person as a whole, together with the symptoms that needed to be addressed. The positive health benefits of acupuncture also last for a long time.


acupuncture for fatigue


After an Acupuncture Treatment

Most people who receive an acupuncture treatment feel more revitalized after a session. Regular treatments ensure that you maintain a good energy level and feel more active in life. Acupuncture also has holistic benefits that affect your mental, emotional and physical health. See acupuncture as the first step towards becoming healthier and achieving optimum wellness. As with other natural healing modalities, your treatment is best complemented with a healthy diet, taking your prescribed medication or supplements, and regular exercise.


Your acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine therapist may prescribe herbs or supplements to complement your treatment. The prescription might be different for everybody, as each one has different physiological requirements.


Learn more about our Herbal Pharmacy.


Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture treatments are relatively pain-free. The most that people will experience after an acupuncture treatment is a dull ache or slight tingling feeling around the base of the inserted needle. While the needles are inserted on specific points of your body, you’ll barely feel them at all. Your acupuncturist may give you a little massage after taking out the needles to lessen the numbing.


Photo Source: AcupunctureBox, Pixabay


Take the Next Step By Consulting with a Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture for fatigue is a natural, safe and effective treatment to increase your energy. It tackles the root cause of your health concerns, and heals you holistically. Set an appointment with our licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner now to get a consultation and treatment which are specific to your needs.





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